The 2 habits that can destroy your life’s goal.

Staying in the danger zone.


Okay. It won’t be easy writing this one, because I hate to say that just as feeding birds or other animals, could make potentially dangerous animals become comfortable, a nuisance or even a safety risk in recreational areas, so is feeding negative people with your life’s goals. This can be equally dangerous.

Don’t keep feeding all those great plans to negative people or they will quench that flame within you. It’s nice to keep a friendship. But not one that can impact negativity upon your life’s goals or dreams. Sadly, there are people who never gives credit no matter what you do. But you may feel it’s polite to keep being that nice person you are. So you still give them credit. Stop. All they are doing is washing off  your passion and being polite won’t change them. The more friendly you try to be, the easier it will be for them to wreck your path to success.

Unfortunately, there are people who have an entrenched resistance to change or positivity. They only see the negative side of things. The positive side is completely turned off in their minds. It could be mentally draining just hanging around them when every single word that comes out of them is attacking and demolishing the carefully constructed path you have built in your mind.

Negative words can mercilessly demolish your plans and this won’t be considered an offence under the law. So what is your way out? When your path starts collapsing, your mind gets all the clutter. clutters are the negative words you heard. You start to think of them. You feel they are right. It’s too difficult. You can’t get there. That’s a sign you are being consumed by the negative words. Ignoring such people doesn’t mean you hate them. It just means you care about your own well-being. A sound mind. Once the negative is driven out, there will definitely be room for positive mind or positive people in your life. No matter what your life’s goals are, this is your first step. Get out of the danger zone. Stay safe and positive. Walk away from danger and don’t look back.

2. Following rules you shouldn’t.
Stop being agreeable where you shouldn’t. You should be freely able to say no when you have to. Example; gatherings that can affect you financially. We all know that “yes” is polite and desirable. While this is true, it doesn’t help on the path to success. For example, hosting parties or drink-outs a bit too often. Unless the dinner party is not at your expense, completely taken care of and or unless it has something to do with your path to success. For example; most jewelry companies achieve success by hosting regular dinner parties, home or office party or even fundraiser parties for the purposes of meeting new clients and customers. Therefore, it’s great hosting parties regularly for business purposes. I know social life is important. But should you follow this entertainment rule for friendship’s sake while trying to climb up that ladder of financial success?
In Senator Elizabeth Warren’s rule, popularized as the 50/20/30 budget rule in her book “All Your Worth: The Ultimate Lifetime Money Plan.” The basic rule is to divide after-tax income, spending 50% on needs and 30% on wants while allocating 20% to savings. Wait a minute. This is a great financial guide but not applicable if you know how and when you want to get to your life’s goal.
Don’t just follow rules because everyone is following. Do you believe in this rule? Consider how soon you want to accomplish your goals. Would saving be a need or a want for you?

I can honestly tell you that I do not follow the 50/30/20 rule. Why? Because I know what I want and how soon I want to get there. So saving just 20% of my earnings doesn’t work for me. However, if I would reduce my spending by 10% and add that to my saving to raise it up from 20% to 30%, there is a high possibility of accomplishment.
In rules where saving is not taken seriously and given only 20%, saving becomes more of a want rather than a need.

I personally believe that saving is a need and not a want. Whether you have dependent children or a single person. Cutting down on parties and all that comes with that, could shoot up your saving to 30% or more.

In my opinion, the ultimate lifetime money plan is 80/20. The 80% includes needs such as rent, power bills and savings. Just as you must pay rent, you must pay into your savings as well. Leaving just 20% for wants instead of 30%. I don’t believe that one must spend more than 20% of their earnings on wants. As wants are things you can always live without. Unless you don’t take savings seriously.

A traditional list of basic need is food, water, shelter and clothing. Include your savings here. Many other modern lists emphasize the minimum level of basic need is not just food, water, clothing and shelter, but also education sanitation, healthcare, and even internet. However you define basic need depends on your situation and whatever your situation, adding savings into the same category of basic need is important for any life’s goals. Conclusion, make your own rules and follow them for your life’s goal sake.

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