Budget living room makeover Idea

Yaaayyy! Finally built, purchased or just rented your new home.


Giving your living room a whole new look shouldn’t be as expensive as the latex Apple Macbook Pro. There are affordable high quality home-ware ranges that will cost you not a half of the price of a Macbook, if you shop in the right places.

Thanks to IKEA, Kmart, Big W and Target, you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars  to re-do your living room any more. Not only would you cheaply achieve a fresh new look, but also very simple and easy to do. Even on a tight budget.
Whatever your style, there are affordable ideas to give your living room that elegant look. You can have a whole new fresh look just by adding a few touches here and there like recycling old furniture and painting.

Re-painting is one of the first things to consider as your wall color can define your entire setting. No mater your budget, paint is one of the most affordable items that you can easily apply yourself. Paint the walls and update flea market furnishing. Instead of throwing away that old coffee table or wooden chair, sandpaper and give it a nice painting and see what a big difference it makes. choose colors that will create a mood.

Deeper tones tends to create a cosier feel but rather a smaller space. Whereas lighter colors will give the illusion of a bigger space. If you don’t have large windows or day light in the room, try using brighter colors to help lighten up the room. For instance, in a standard four wall room, you can use two different shades of  the same color. So that there are two brighter walls at least. Instead of the same deeper color on all four walls.


Remember, Its all about  a fresh new look without breaking the bank.
Expensive furniture like leather chairs and so on, will highly raise your budget. You do not need a leather chair to create that look. Unless you find a cheap one from a flea market, I suggest you check out affordable furniture shops as I mentioned above. Their prices are incredibly competitive. You can find trendy chair for that empty corner for $39 or less.
Displaying a set of photo frames for just $19 could light up that wall. Fluffy cushions are affordable, mix and match a few in that couch to complete that cosy feel. Go bold with colors of your choice when it comes to cushions.

If unsure of cushion colors, why not use same favorite color in different shades? fluffy cushions are about $8 each, a trendy throw for $19. A textured rug could make a great statement if chosen carefully to blend in with your colors. Be sure not to cover much of the rug with your furniture. So that a good size is in sight.


Complete your living room styling by throwing a faux fur rug wherever you please. Enjoy the coziness.