Simple bedroom makeover on a tight budget.


Giving your bedroom a whole new look shouldn’t come with a hefty price tag. There are affordable high quality home-ware ranges that will cost you about the same amount as a pair of snickers – if you know where to look.

In the past, people had to spend thousands of dollars on professionals to re-do a bedroom alone. Not to mention the rest of the house. Thanks to the affordable home-ware ranges from IKEA, Kmart, Big W and Target, it’s not only cheaper but simpler to achieve a fresh new look on a tight budget, as shown in photo. Whatever your style, there are affordable ideas to give your bedroom that look. You can have a whole new bedroom look for under $190. Basically by selecting the right items no matter where you shop. keeping a few things in mind like color-matching.

For example, what are your favorite colors and can they blend well together in the same room or do you need to step out of your comfort zone and try other colors that will blend well with one or two of your favorite colors?
Bright pink, purple and blue could go well together.

Or black, red and orange. Do you love bright colors or neutral?

Even same color in different shades will give a great look. Or simply mix and match any three colors. So, carefully choose your bed sheet set.

Moving on to the fourth or fifth color in same room would make it look a bit too busy.
Next items to consider are pillows and fluffy cushion about $8 each, a trendy throw for $19, a bedside table for only $39 online. I prefer to have one on both side. A rug and a lamp. These few items should give you a stylish bedroom makeover even when on a tight budget.

A nicely textured rug that goes well with your color scheme to sit at the end of your bed is stylish and gives that elegant look. If you haven’t got a knot pillow, you might wanna get one instead of using ordinary pillows only. Its all about a new look, right? Complete your bed styling with a cosy throw.