5 reasons to chase your dream this new year.

1. Make your inner-being proud


Looser. It’s what haters and naysayers will think of you if you don’t lace up those shoes, get up and start the race. All them who said you can’t do it or can’t get there, you haven’t proven them wrong. So in the mean time, they are right. Looser. Is this you? Let’s face it, deep down we all care about what others think of us.

It takes a brave heart to ignore and pretend you never heard those words. Tough guy, you brushed them negative words off your shoulders. But when are you actually going to prove them wrong? No better time to start chasing your dreams than in this new year. Creating a reputation that will follow you through life and beyond is important. Do it for yourself at least. Make yourself proud.

2. Mend up those broken hearts.
What about those that have always believed in you? Are you going to sit there and watch their hearts break? what about your family and friends who strongly support and believe in you?
Their hearts will be broken forever. They might not show their hurts. Don’t make this the driving force behind what you choose to do though. But remember that these people who care about you, will be excited to see your dreams come true. They are not the haters. So why break their hearts? Take the lead and Inspire them to follow their dreams.

3. Things won’t get cheaper next year
All emotional stuff aside. Lets face the economical aspect. Things doesn’t get any cheaper or easier by the years. So procrastinating stuff will only make things harder for you each year. Whatever your dream, you are going to need to purchase some sorts of goods or services to enable you accomplish them. Unless you aim to invest in a property of your dreams, you could keep waiting to grab a bargain as property prices are down 5.6% in some states of Australia.

Besides that, commodity prices will increase in line with quality as it’s been in the past years. Or is it ever possible to imagine prices being unchanged but quality improves in the coming years? I doubt. Either the cost of living will be unchanged. That is, quality will improve in line with price. Or prices will increase without a change in quality which is where we are. So mocking around is a complete waste of your time. If you would source items this year, the easier it will be for you to accomplish that dream in the coming years. Procrastination is still and will forever be a thief of your time.

4. No one else will chase them for you

Gone are the days when parents could persuade their kids to pursue things that they had wanted to do in life and couldn’t or didn’t. In this modern world, No one will chase that dream for you. And certainly not your own kids. They have their own dreams. You can only inspire them. But heck no. they aren’t chasing your dreams for you.

5. Don’t pile up regrets


When it’s too late to chase that dream, that’s when regrets decides to set in. Some people regret the things they did , but almost everyone regrets the things they didn’t do. Take this for example;
Age is one criterion that banks look at before giving a loan. People in the age group of 30-50 years are most preferred as they are considered more financially stable. They also have a decent number of working years ahead of them to repay their loans. On the other hand, people 60 and above, fear the worst in the scoring model of banks. So, unless you own a  luxury Broadbeach apartment to put up as collateral, chances are, you are unlikely to score any goals in the field of a bank. Start taking necessary steps this year to save yourself from future regrets.


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