Steps to living your dream sooner


Ignore negative people.

cosmic-timetraveler-758109-unsplashIt is very normal to encounter doubt or fear on this journey . There will always be people in your life who don’t get it and will make their opinion known. If you listen to any negativeness, it will convince you that what you want is impossible and you won’t take the necessary steps to make your dream life a reality.

For example, if you have a chat with a friend about your goals, and you get a response like; ”dude, you cant get that far. That kind of life is only for the rich”. This should raise an alarm. If you don’t ignore this person, they will put down your dreams.

Some years ago, I had a chat with an old lady and said to her, this is where I would love to live. Right by the beach. Her response was a laughter. Then she added; ”There’s no chance you can live by the beach. You can only live there in your dreams. Not in reality”. Fact is, all dreams don’t come cheap. right? But as long as there are humans living on the expensive beaches in Florida or Australia, why can’t I? Or am I seeing them only in my dreams? NO. People actually live there. You must avoid negative thinkers to start with. That’s your first step towards success.

Surround yourself with big thinkers.
Now that you have ignored all them negative people in your life, dont just stay there all by yourself. That doesn’t help much. Start socializing with big thinkers. You see, big thinkers likes to make friends alike. So start befriending people who are living the dream you wish to. Have a chat with them. Most successful people are humble and more than happy to share their stories with you and how they got where they are. You could get true life-changing tips for free.

This will lift your spirit and make you know there is hope. If you are a christian or you have ever filled up a form where you ticked yes for Christianity, then i suppose you are. so why not ask God for guidance into your journey? He puts a way where there’s no way. Because He can lead you to the right people that could help you on your journey. If you believe in Him.

Set your goals and stay focus.
Don’t forget to stay focus on your goals. What they are exactly? Are you happy to compromise at all? Know what you want. So that you are motivated to keep going. Many banks have a goal saver option. Having this option can help keep you focus. It allows you to deposit a certain amount and earn some interest as long as you do not withdraw for a certain period of time. This can help you be consistent with your saving, if your main obstacle is financial. For instance, saving towards an investment property. Make this your goal saver account title.

Invest for the long term


There are a range of options to help you reach your long-term goals faster. Term deposits, cash deposit accounts and bonds. So what it means is that you basically lock your money away with them and in return, you get a higher interest on top of your money for not withdrawing your funds for a long time.

So if you have sacrificed nights out with friends, you’ve worked extra hours or maybe received a share of an inheritance, there are low risks investments you should consider.
Depositing some of your salary every month into a high interest savings account is a good habit. But most savings accounts only offer interest of 1% to 3% per year. so your balance will only grow slowly. Bank deposits don’t have high returns but they are also low risk.
Bonds are a type of loan. Companies and governments issue  to investors to raise money. Investors “lend” money to the bond issuer for an agreed period and in return receive a regular income from the interest. Bonds generally give higher interest returns than cash and carry less risk than shares.
Remember you are investing for profit. Since you want to make a decent return on your money and reduce the risk of losing your money, Having slow little profit yearly is better than losing it all. Best is to combine different investment options like shares, bonds and property to lower your risk from having all of your eggs in one basket. Money that is spread across different investments cushions the impact of one investment not doing well, because others are likely to be doing strongly well.

Ditch bad habit and be honest to yourself . I cant help mentioning that while you are focusing on your savings, if you are spending so much on other stuff like drinking or smoking, you aren’t really helping. Because most of the money you could have saved, are all going to the wrong places.

I am going to be straight forward on this one. It’s very important that you do away with bad habits that won’t help on this successful journey. Because these kinds of habits fights against success. Image spending just $100 on gambling a week on the minimum. that’s $400 a month. In 12 months, you have spent $4,800. Did you ever win that amount? I doubt. ok. let’s go ahead. In 15years you would have spend $72,000 on gambling. But we know most gamblers spend more than just a $100 a week. Right? So we could be looking at twice this amount. This $144,000 could have bought a second property if not your first.

Trying to generate wealth overnight and associating with wrong people will, in the end, make you lose all and therefore give up on your dreams. Not to mention bitcoins. Stick to low risk investments and be honest to yourself. There is a difference between investment and gambling money away.

Assess where you are now — financially, logistically, socially and career-wise.
Unless you work online or planning to work online, You need to put yourself physically where your clients or customers are. If a lot of factors are preventing you from gaining that job or career. Consider market/demand as certain products will only have a domestic market whereas other products could have an international market.   Reconsider factors and how to solve them. If there is the need to make a move, why not? Perhaps all you need is to simply change cities or suburbs for your business’s sake.
Lastly, don’t worry about what other people think.
This is because it’s so easy to be consumed by the opinions of other people. If you are constantly living to please other people, you will quickly lose sight of your plans. Check in with yourself frequently to be sure that you are living for yourself and not living up to someone else’s expectations.
Worrying about what other people think, could prevent you from achieving your goals. For example, if a change of career is what you want to do, thinking about what people will say will make you unable to pursue that dream career. Therefore, robbing you of your dream.


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