How to save BIG money Fast

Ready to take your money saving to the next level? I have a few extreme ways to save money here for you. for those of you who tried many other saving tips and need a challenge.


Why not turn off your hot water system every night before bed?  while you are asleep throughout the night, it’s cropping up bills. Your Hot water won’t go cold immediately. You will still have lots to use for a couple of hours in the morning if not for days. This could save you lots. This is a habit. If you forget to turn it back on, too bad, you will have to wait a couple of hours to have your  warm shower. Don’t worry. You will soon get used to the off and on at a certain time. Saving yourself lots of money.

An average water heater runs three hours daily. A 50-gallon, 5,500-watt water heater with a .90 EF and an electricity rate of $.16 per kilowatt an hour, for example, will cost $781 to operate each year. Off it and save up on a couple of hours while water is still hot.

Don’t re-use tea bags or loose tea. This may sound funny or silly. But, Instead of using 3 teabags in the morning for 3 cups of tea, why not have 3 cups from one tea bag? Oh come on! it’s easy. simply drop your tea bag in a liter of hot water. Pour yourself several cups of tea. Trust me, you will be saving lots of money considering how often you might pop into the grocery store just for a tea bag. saving you some fuel plus the risk of  impulse buying each time. If you are in to save big, every little thing counts.

And if you don’t drink tea, why not do the same with coffee? Instead of 2 table spoon full for a cup of coffee, you can have just a teaspoon of coffee. No. Drinking coffee out is not an option.  

An average price of a coffee in Australia is $3.54. 2 cups a day makes $7.08. Multiply by 7days. That’s $49.56. Not bad. But you will be spending $198.24 in a month and $2,378.88 in a year.  Make your coffee from home and take to work in your flask. It could stay hot for up to 6 hours. Check your local supermarkets for steel insulated flasks. You could be saving lots in just a week.

Machine wash 15min instead of 30mins
Mostly, you get same outcome washing for 30 or 15mins. difference is in the power bills only. Simply do a quick 15mins wash and save power which save you money in return.


Please stay away from the clothe dryer
This is one of the monster power bill generator in all homes. While its nice and sunny outside, why not use the dry line? save yourself lots of money.

Please ditch disposables. Instead of buying paper napkins, why not use your cloth napkins at the dining table each time? wash and reuse instead of shopping for disposables and wasting money. All ends up in the bin after use. Time to buy more. Actually no. Time to quit buying.

Learn to patch clothes. When that beautiful dress or pants you love so much gets ripped doesn’t mean it’s rubbish. Learn to use a needle and a thread.  Stitch it up. And save yourself from going out there shopping for new ones. Get that dress mended and back into your closet.

Stop shopping in expensive clothing boutiques. Use  ops shops or recycled clothing stores. They are cheaper. We all know that. But do we all know cheaper doesn’t mean less quality? Trust me, sometimes, you can find even more quality clothing in an op shop than most clothing boutiques. Take advantage of people who dump their clothing for new fashion. Get 5 for the price of one new clothing.

In need of home-ware?  recycle shops are best. Save yourself lots of money. Furnish your entire house from second hand furniture. Some are antiques, highest quality you may never find in brand new furniture stores.
Drink tap water. Why not drink it when its drinkable? save yourself lots of money weekly by not buying any bottled water.

Can you afford your rent? Don’t pay an expensive rent when you can find a cheaper place to accommodate you and your family. It might be that perfect dream house but that wont save you money. Its ripping you off to zero. Leaving you with much less for yourself and family.
You don’t have to live off grid in the woods if you don’t want to. You can always find a cheaper home in the city with no ‘wow factors’ and save yourself lots of money for your long term goals.


Lose the bad habits; smoke, Drink, Gamble . Not only are you just tossing away money by the handful, none of that is good for you. If you just can’t stop these habit no matter how hard you try, time to get on your knees and ask God to break away those desires. There were bad habits I couldn’t have ever gotten out of; if  God hadn’t step in to rescue me. When such desires are gone,  you won’t do them. Right?  Not even for a million dollar.  As you will simply hate that habit. You will be saving a lot of money from these 3 robbers.

Cut back on meat consumption. Meat is one of the most expensive items in the super market. Giving your budget a giant raise. Instead of BBQ, why not make some beef and potato stew? which only needs a few stripes of beef. not a kilo of meat as BBQ needs.

McDonald’s’ family meals are awesome and cheaper than most fast food companies. right? You aren’t wasting any money eating there often. Are you? It might only cost you $8 for that fast food meal or just $24 for your family meal deal. but you know you could have made enough for the entire family for about the same price with lots of left over for the next day. Right?

Always look for the ‘free’ version. If you need to lose weight and get in better shape, Instead of a gym membership, start walking. Or turn on the music and dance or better run around with the children in the backyard. Free exercise. No membership required.

Cut back on toys
Pack away toys that kids barely use. Release them after a week or two and they will be running to it. So you won’t be buying a toy in that week. Also, most toys don’t last very long these days. Why not buy used toys and sanitize them?  a box full for $5 instead of a single one for $15. After all, they will be broken within a day or two anyway. Unless its a very special occasion for your kids. Buying used toys can save you lots of money.


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